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Wilhelm Zsifkovits
P.O. Box 111
2100 Korneuburg
Austria, Europe
Phone: +43 (0)664 126 55 75

Skype: Skype Me™!


Formulation Development

PTC, Process & Technology Consulting, brings to you a comprehensively know-how of direct hands-on pesticide formulations development including seed-treatment formulations, scale-up experience, knowledge of current trends and technology directions.

Services :

  • On-site training for your formulation team.
  • Modifications of current formulations, e.g. replacement of petroleum solvents in EC formulations.
  • Development of WG and SG formulations.
  • Replacement of solvents trough the development of SC, ME and EW formulations for more environmental friendly pesticides.
  • Development of environmentally friendly seed treatment formulations.
  • Controlled release formulations; Microencapsulation; CS formulation.
  • Consulting in production and in packaging questions. 


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