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Contact Wilhelm Zsifkovits
Unbenanntes Dokument
Wilhelm Zsifkovits
P.O. Box 111
2100 Korneuburg
Austria, Europe
Phone: +43 (0)664 126 55 75

Skype: Skype Me™!


Wilhelm Zsifkovits,

Process & Technology Consulting

PTC, Process & Technology Consulting, was founded by Wilhelm Zsifkovits, a well recognized expert in the field of formulation development, process development and production within the plant protection industry. It was originally founded to develop fluidised bed equipments for the specific needs of the agrochemical industry.

Later it became also a contact for other industries where drying, granulation and coating are processes in use. Since 2011 PTC also offers on-site formulation development, trainings and many other services for the agrochemical industry.

More than 25 years of formulation development experience in cooperation with the multinational pesticide industry led to an all-embracing know-how in liquid and solid formulations and process technology.


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